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Wi-Fi Range Booster

What Is the Coverage Area of Wi-Fi Range Booster?

Wi-Fi range boosters are special devices used for extending Wi-Fi signals. They are technically referred to as wireless range boosters/extenders.

The use of Wi-Fi has become indispensable as gas or electricity in most homes. Depending on size, complexity, and architectural features like bricks and metal types of your house, having fast and reliable Wi-Fi can be a challenge in some spots in the house. You are likely to experience dead zones in the upstairs rooms or a signal drop in the house backyards.

Wi-Fi range boosters come in handy at such instances and they are used for boosting performance on the network coverage in the house. They are placed between the router and the location where you are experiencing low or none Wi-Fi coverage. The Wi-Fi Range Booster takes hold of the already existing Wi-Fi signal from the router and streams it to the challenged spots. The choice of location for the Wi-Fi Range booster is essential to effectively obtain enough Wi-Fi signals from the existing router.

Wi-Fi Range Booster

The coverage area of Wi-Fi Range Booster

The coverage area of Wi-Fi Range Booster depends on the layout and size of your home. You may have a router that has the power to provide enough Wi-Fi in your perimeter, but the house structure and materials used to build your house can cause some signal loss in some spots. Homes with many walls and multiple floors are susceptible to regular signal loss. Homes built using dense building materials like metal, plaster, concrete, and bricks are also likely to experience low signals.

Choosing a Wi-Fi Range Booster for your Router

A good range booster should match with the specs of the router. For example, a router that is dual-band AC1900 should be used with a similar range booster that is dual-band AC1900.

Types of Range boosters

There are two types of range boosters;

  • Plug-in range boosters

Plug-in range boosters are smaller than desktop. They are inserted in outlets on the wall. They can either have internal or external antennas. They are more cost-friendly compared to desktop range boosters.

  • Desktop range boosters

They look like the wireless router and have adjustable antennas. They have USB ports used to attach other devices like printers and storage drives.

Coverage Limitations of range boosters;

Wi-Fi range booster speeds are limited to half of the provision got from the router.

They use a different network SSID that is logged in from various spots in the house.

Parting Shot

Wi-Fi Range Boosters are important gadgets for ensuring the router is efficiently utilized from any spot in the house without hitches and limitation.