Ripple being added to coinbase?

Big rumours are going around that Coinbase; one of the largest crypto currency exchanges, are implementing Ripple to their service. This is not all, rumours of Dash & Monero also.

Its very likely we can see a huge increase In value in these 3 coins once they are added to Coinbase. This prediction is due from the recent addition to Coinbase “Bitcoin cash” the day it was added Bitcoin cash went from £1500 to £3200!

Lets hope these coins follow the same pattern as bitcoin cash did when it was added to Coinbase.

Where can you buy Ripple as of now? You can buy it on popular exchanges such as Bittrex or Binance. You can store and hold your Ripple coins on their online wallets. However these online exchanges are victim to hackers. The safest way to store your Ripple coins would be in a hardware wallet. Then when it comes to the point of selling the Ripple coins simply move the coins from your hardware wallet to an online exchange such as bittrex and you can sell them.

Ripple has been increasing at a huge rate recently, going from 25 cents to $2.80 in under a month! So we recommend buying dips of Ripple. Under 2$ is a good price for a medium to long time hold. Don’t expect a quick flip as its already had its breakout.

We don’t recommend using Coinbase to trade coins frequently. Coinbase is for the new investors that buy and hold. Not for traders.

Let us know your thoughts on Coinbase adding Ripple, Dash & Monero. What coins would you like to see added to Coinbase.