The Tradition of Advent

The period of Advent signifies the coming of Jesus, the Messiah into the world. The period itself is usually marked by the four Sundays that lead up to the day of Christmas, and this time is used to minister and teach, to remember the real meaning behind the celebration of Christmas as well as the significance of this day to the human race.

The Relevance and meaning of the ‘coming of Jesus’

 Advent describes the coming of Christ in three main ways

  • First is the coming of Christ to live as and among men, to minister to us as God’s messenger, and most importantly to die on the cross for our sins. This is the first and most important definition as it shows how it all began, how God gave up everything, His own son’s life so that we as humans, sinful and frail, may be forgiven and have everlasting life
  • The second definition depicts the present. This is evident in the way we commemorate his life, how we take communion to bring us closer to Him, and how he lives within us every day.
  • The last definition depicts Jesus as a man, as a judge who will come in future, a King coming back to take his followers into heaven and to judge those who did not believe in his word and testimony.

The Calendar

Advent dates back to the 1st century, and although no one knows the exact date or year of the first celebration, it is estimated that it was around this time when monks of the time fasted for some period before Christmas.

advent tradition

Similar to the cultural practices, the Advent calendar differs depending on the place you are in. Although many countries use candles, there are some that have specific calendars for this time of the year. Here are a few examples

  • The Protestants in Eastern Europe in the 19th century started off by marking dates using lines on a door with chalk. They marked from the 1st to the 24th and erased one line each day until Christmas. They then graduated to paper calendars in the 20th century, but this practice was halted during the World War because the supply of cardboard became scarce
  • The U.K made little windows made of paper or card. The little windows were distributed into 24/25 for each day of December leading up to Christmas. This was also a common practice in the USA where they also had little pictures of Christmas on each window to add a little life to the process.
  • Other countries lit a candle a day from the beginning of advent to Christmas day, a practice that has since been adopted the world over.


Fasting during advent is a common practice, although it is mostly a voluntary practice, many people use it as a means to help them concentrate in prayer as they prepare to celebrate and commemorate Jesus’ coming.  Other cultures just desist from certain types of food during this period, for example, some Christians have days when they don’t eat fish or drink wine, while others don’t ingest dairy products during the Advent period.

It is also a common practice in some parts of the world for Christians not to eat meat during advent, although this practice is a little subjective due to the fact that to some it’s for the entire period, while for some it is for specific days on the Advent calendar.

Lighting the candle

Irish Catholics during the age of oppression and persecution by the British in the 11th -12th century lit candles during this period leading up to Christmas. This signified that they were waiting for any priest to come and give them communion, and in exchange, they would offer food and accommodation for the night. This happened in a period when the British were trying to crush the Catholic faith through torture and death.

The significance of Advent Candles

Lighting candles has been a Christian practice for millennia. Past Christians in past civilizations who were persecuted for their faith used candles as a secret code, especially during the Christmas period to identify other people who shared in their faith despite persecution and subjugation. During Advent, and based on previous traditions, the lit candles were signs of various Christian teachings. Know more about the tradition of advent at

  • A candle lit on the first Sunday of the advent calendar was used to represent the prophet Isaiah, as well as a list of other prophets who predicted the coming of the Messiah, the prince of peace, the King of Kings. This candle acted as a representation of appreciation of these prophets who did God’s work of paving the way for Jesus.
  • The second candle represented God’s word-The Bible. All the teachings and lessons, the instructions and condemnation, the salvation and tribulation. Everything that God’s people had to endure.

    tradition of advent

  • The third candle represented Mary the mother of Jesus.
  • The fourth candle was used to appreciate the work of John the Baptist, the man whose work was to pave the way for the coming of the Messiah, and the man who had the privilege of baptizing Jesus Christ.
  • The last and most important candle is lit on Christmas day, or in some countries, it is lit on Christmas Eve. This candle is lit separately from the rest, and it signifies the light of the world, Jesus Christ.

Practices during the Advent period vary. In some, a different candle is lit every day from the first of December through to Christmas Eve. While in other cultures, only one candle is lit throughout the entire period. This single candle has markings on it, lines; 24 to be precise. Each day, the candle is burnt down to the next line until Christmas day.

Final thoughts

The tradition of Advent was put in place mostly to ensure that future Christians don’t get carried away with the festivities and merrymaking and forget the real meaning of Christmas and why it is celebrated. This period is meant to give perspective, and to ensure that the real reason why people commemorate Christmas is not lost in translation.

What Can Be The Best Ways To Do Waste Collection In London

Waste collection in London has been being transformed over the years, with many people today opting for the faster, more efficient waste removal companies. Skip hire services were the main option for many years; one would just hire a skip and put all their waste there, awaiting collection. But with the emergence of waste removal companies, the companies came right into your compound and collected the rubbish, then took it away for disposal; whish is more convenient considering that some skips would wait even 2 days before the service provider came to pick them up.  Waste removal companies like Junk Hunters are always a phone call away and most will tidy up your place in a matter of hours. Generally speaking, there are 3 main ways to do waste collection in London;


  1. DIY exercises; do it yourself exercises involve you or an entire family deciding to do the rubbish removal themselves. It could be in the form of general cleaning where you clear all the waste from your room, loft, garage, garden, office, commercial premises, and so on. This type of waste removal is less costly and helps you save a few coins and there. It can also be fun because it is you who knows your home better and as such, you’re able to know what areas to start with. However, it has its limitation because once you’ve collected and compiled all the waste, you’ll need to hire or get someone to transport the waste to the landfill for disposal. You’d need a license and special permit to transport the waste for disposal in your car.
  2. Skip Hire services; Skip hire companies work by providing their clients with skips of different sizes to put their waste in, awaiting collection. The sizes will depend in that, if you are a home or office owner, you may ask for the smallest skip; a commercial property with more waste would need a larger one. One of the main differences between skip hires and rubbish removal companies is that the former charges a standard amount for the skip provided; the latter only charges you for the amount of waste they have cleared from your place. With a skip hire service, you will need to find out from your service provider just what you can put in the skip, what skip permits you’ll require, and so on.  In most cases, the sizes start from 2-yard mini skips to the larger 40-yard skips. There are mini skips, Builder’s skips, Maxi Skips, Lockable Skips, even Roll-on Roll-off Skips.
  3. Rubbish removal companies; rubbish removal companies are the best and most recommendable because they offer flexibility, speed, and are affordable. A rubbish removal company will only charge you for the load of rubbish they have cleared from your premises. Most also get the rubbish removed on the same day, in a matter of hours; no special permit needed, no overnight stay of the rubbish in a skip outside your gate.  When hiring a rubbish removal company, just ensure that you do a bit of research to ensure that you pick a professional and reputable company that will get the job done. Some companies specialize on domestic rubbish removal; others offer office and commercial removal, industrial rubbish removal, and so on.  The other good thing about a rubbish removal company is that most of them partner with recycling plants so that once they have sorted out your waste, they’ll transport what can be recycled to the recycling plant, and what is repairable taken for repair.

Clearly, a junk removal company are the best option for someone looking for a professional, affordable, and long-term service provider to help them effectively manage their rubbish and waste.

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Simple Tips to clean the Electronic Appliances and Kitchen Appliances

For the past several years, EOT cleaning Services has been offering our professional and effective cleaning services to the residents of London. From small tasks like garden and garage clearance, to complex ones like an end of tenancy cleaning, EOT always ensures that your home is left dazzling clean. One of the most frequently asked questions by our clients is how one should clean their electronic appliances and kitchen appliances. Most home owners have little if any idea on how exactly to, for instance, clean their oven grills without doing it wrongly. If you are one such home owner, this article is for you! We have compiled a list of simple tips to always guide you when cleaning all electrical and kitchen appliances in your home.

Take a look below;

  1.  Safety first; when dealing with electronic appliances, the very first thing you must always ensure is that they are unplugged from the main power source. It’s not enough to have the Switch off; you have nothing to lose by unplugging power completely, or switching off power from the main switch. Water and electricity are the worst enemies and you could easily get electrocuted.
  2. Never use detergents on electrical appliances; when cleaning electrical appliances like Smart TVs, laptops, Home theaters; always avoid using powerful detergents. These could easily damage your screen or make the plastic used to fade faster. Instead, wipe them gently with a wet or damp cloth. Once you have wiped them, use a soft tissue or dry newspaper to finally wipe off any dust and dirt particles that may have been left behind. The secret to maintaining the longevity of your electronic appliances lies in using as little water and detergents as possible; a wet or damp piece of cloth always does the job.
  3. Kitchen appliances depend; when it comes to cleaning the kitchen appliances, things become a bit different. Although detergents and soaps can be used when cleaning these appliances, you don’t want to leave any after smell or stains. For instance, cleaning your microwave or toaster with super strong detergents could leave an after smell that will affect foods you put in there. Thus, we always recommend that you use natural means to clean such appliances. For instance, baking soda is odorless, and very effective at cleaning grime and any fats on your oven grills! Once you have applied baking soda and given it a few minutes to work, you can then rinse the grills with plenty of clean and fresh water.
  4. Let them dry; once you have cleaned your kitchen appliances, you’re always advised to let them dry up naturally before using them. For instance, leave the microwave open not just to dry up after cleaning, but to also allow in fresh air. The same applies for toast makers, ovens, and many other appliances we use in the kitchen.

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Waste Removal at Home or Work

You have your normal rubbish collection service that you get from the local council but you are limited on how much waste that you can get rid of in one go.

This can sometimes be a little problematic as there are occasions when you will have a little more than the normal.

A party, building work or painting and decorating the interior of your home will produce additional waste that will need to be cleared and disposed of correctly. There are many types of waste removal companies around and some will specialize in different types of waste collection.

rubbish bin

Some firms specialize in residential rubbish removal, garden clearance or hard rubble from a building site.

The best way to find a service that will suit your needs is to go online and look in your local area. There will be plenty of recycling or waste or rubbish removal services available to choose from.

Call a few up enquire about their services and see what they can offer you.


Any company that you consider should have any appropriate licences and accreditation’s and be approved by the Environment Agency

Here are some great examples of what to look for in a waste removal firm. A company should also clean up after themselves and leave your property free of mess. You shold also be handed a transfer not after completion so everything is trackable.

Quickwasters residential waste clearance

Use these as a guide for your research and compare to the companies in your area.

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