Get To Know About Flowers For All Occasions

You do love flowers, isn’t it? And there is probably no one who will say that they don’t like flowers. Gifting flowers are allowed in every kind of occasion – may it be as a proposal gift to the person you love, or your friend’s birthday, or ‘get well soon’ bouquets or for someone’s funeral! But you must know that not all flowers go with every occasion. You must know each and every flower carries a particular meaning or essence with it, so you must know about the flowers and on which occasion you can gift them. Don’t forget to use Interflora Coupon Code to avail exciting offers on your purchase. So here is some information about flowers that you can go for all occasions.

  • For love – Now, as you all might know that nearly every flower is perfect for giving it to your beloved. But if you want to be precise about providing flowers for the exact love-related occasion then here are tips for you 
    • Red roses – Roses are always a symbol of love, but it is the Red Rose that denotes long-lasting passion for your loved one. So, gifting Red Roses can be perfect for occasions like Valentine’s day or if you are planning to propose to your loved one
    • Dahlia – Is your anniversary around the corner and you are planning to gift your wife/girlfriend a bouquet but haven’t decided which one? Well, this time gift her a bunch of Dahlia, because this flower represents everlasting bond and commitment for one another.
    • Camellia – Is it been a long time since you met your girlfriend and you are missing her? Then why not let her know on your next date! Buy her a bunch of pink Camelliaand let her know how much you have missed her! 


  • For friendship – We all often miss out to tell how much we love our friends. So, the next time you go to a party at your friend’s house or want to buy a gift for their birthday, here are some flowers that you can choose from.
    • Yellow roses – Since time immemorial yellow roses symbolized friendship. A bunch of freshly plucked yellow roses can be a thoughtful gift to carry to your friend’s party.know about flowers
    • Stocks – Is your best friend ill? Or he’s at the hospital? Thinking which flower to carry while you visit him? Well, Stocks can be a very thoughtful choice, because this flower denotes affection and beauty.


  • For funeral – Giving away flowers for someone’s funeral can be a bit tricky as its though to decide which flowers are best for the occasion. But here are some flowers that you can surely take for someone’s funeral. 
    • Poppies – Many of us might not know, but poppies stand for consolation and the thought that ‘you will be remembered’. This flower can be your choice for a funeral. 
    • White Stargazer Lily – Now this is one among the very few familiar flowers that people usually carry to funerals. They symbolize purity and sympathy.