Ripple being added to coinbase?

Big rumours are going around that Coinbase; one of the largest crypto currency exchanges, are implementing Ripple to their service. This is not all, rumours of Dash & Monero also.

Its very likely we can see a huge increase In value in these 3 coins once they are added to Coinbase. This prediction is due from the recent addition to Coinbase “Bitcoin cash” the day it was added Bitcoin cash went from £1500 to £3200!

Lets hope these coins follow the same pattern as bitcoin cash did when it was added to Coinbase.

Where can you buy Ripple as of now? You can buy it on popular exchanges such as Bittrex or Binance. You can store and hold your Ripple coins on their online wallets. However these online exchanges are victim to hackers. The safest way to store your Ripple coins would be in a hardware wallet. Then when it comes to the point of selling the Ripple coins simply move the coins from your hardware wallet to an online exchange such as bittrex and you can sell them.

Ripple has been increasing at a huge rate recently, going from 25 cents to $2.80 in under a month! So we recommend buying dips of Ripple. Under 2$ is a good price for a medium to long time hold. Don’t expect a quick flip as its already had its breakout.

We don’t recommend using Coinbase to trade coins frequently. Coinbase is for the new investors that buy and hold. Not for traders.

Let us know your thoughts on Coinbase adding Ripple, Dash & Monero. What coins would you like to see added to Coinbase.

Simple Tips to clean the Electronic Appliances and Kitchen Appliances

For the past several years, EOT cleaning Services has been offering our professional and effective cleaning services to the residents of London. From small tasks like garden and garage clearance, to complex ones like an end of tenancy cleaning, EOT always ensures that your home is left dazzling clean. One of the most frequently asked questions by our clients is how one should clean their electronic appliances and kitchen appliances. Most home owners have little if any idea on how exactly to, for instance, clean their oven grills without doing it wrongly. If you are one such home owner, this article is for you! We have compiled a list of simple tips to always guide you when cleaning all electrical and kitchen appliances in your home.

Take a look below;

  1.  Safety first; when dealing with electronic appliances, the very first thing you must always ensure is that they are unplugged from the main power source. It’s not enough to have the Switch off; you have nothing to lose by unplugging power completely, or switching off power from the main switch. Water and electricity are the worst enemies and you could easily get electrocuted.
  2. Never use detergents on electrical appliances; when cleaning electrical appliances like Smart TVs, laptops, Home theaters; always avoid using powerful detergents. These could easily damage your screen or make the plastic used to fade faster. Instead, wipe them gently with a wet or damp cloth. Once you have wiped them, use a soft tissue or dry newspaper to finally wipe off any dust and dirt particles that may have been left behind. The secret to maintaining the longevity of your electronic appliances lies in using as little water and detergents as possible; a wet or damp piece of cloth always does the job.
  3. Kitchen appliances depend; when it comes to cleaning the kitchen appliances, things become a bit different. Although detergents and soaps can be used when cleaning these appliances, you don’t want to leave any after smell or stains. For instance, cleaning your microwave or toaster with super strong detergents could leave an after smell that will affect foods you put in there. Thus, we always recommend that you use natural means to clean such appliances. For instance, baking soda is odorless, and very effective at cleaning grime and any fats on your oven grills! Once you have applied baking soda and given it a few minutes to work, you can then rinse the grills with plenty of clean and fresh water.
  4. Let them dry; once you have cleaned your kitchen appliances, you’re always advised to let them dry up naturally before using them. For instance, leave the microwave open not just to dry up after cleaning, but to also allow in fresh air. The same applies for toast makers, ovens, and many other appliances we use in the kitchen.

EOT end of tenancy Cleaning Services is always available for all your home cleaning needs. Our services are affordable and you can always count on us to get the job done any day.

Waste Removal at Home or Work

You have your normal rubbish collection service that you get from the local council but you are limited on how much waste that you can get rid of in one go.

This can sometimes be a little problematic as there are occasions when you will have a little more than the normal.

A party, building work or painting and decorating the interior of your home will produce additional waste that will need to be cleared and disposed of correctly. There are many types of waste removal companies around and some will specialize in different types of waste collection.

rubbish bin

Some firms specialize in residential rubbish removal, garden clearance or hard rubble from a building site.

The best way to find a service that will suit your needs is to go online and look in your local area. There will be plenty of recycling or waste or rubbish removal services available to choose from.

Call a few up enquire about their services and see what they can offer you.


Any company that you consider should have any appropriate licences and accreditation’s and be approved by the Environment Agency

Here are some great examples of what to look for in a waste removal firm. A company should also clean up after themselves and leave your property free of mess. You shold also be handed a transfer not after completion so everything is trackable.

Quickwasters residential waste clearance

Use these as a guide for your research and compare to the companies in your area.

Also see the > Kwiksweep Rubbish Removal Company for more information.

Do you know? What Are The Qualities Of A Good Cab Company

We know that a cab has various features and all these will appeal to you depending on your personal preference. There are two main types of cabs; pre booked cabs which can be booked online in advance or on spot cabs which can be found all over within the city center. Pre booked cab companies offer their services to busy professionals who want to enjoy the convenience of being picked by a cab without having to look for one. However if you had not previously booked a cab, you can just take a cab which are always on standby in towns and cities and therefore can take you within a certain radius. Irrespective of the type of cab you will choose, a good cab company will have the following qualities;

  1. Good customer service; you will definitely want to deal with cab staff who are polite and courteous. Such small things as saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ make a big difference.
  2. A huge collection of cars; you want to hire a cab service with sufficient number of cars so that even if there is a huge demand during high season, you will never run out of cabs to use.
  3. Competitive prices; regardless of one’s social status, price is always a determining factor when choosing a cab. Most distances covered within the city are not far and therefore there is no point in spending so much just in the name of a luxurious cab company.
  4. New cars; a car in good condition gives you peace of mind while you are using cab services in London. The cabs need to have been properly maintained and be of top notch quality before going to the road. Look out for this and other relevant qualities before making that step in hiring a cab.